Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beaded Cuff

Beaded Cuff, Copper, Green glass beads
© Nayna Studios™
Beaded Cuff, Clasp detail
© Nayna Studios™

All of the week before last I had been furiously trying to create stock of jewellery for my Diwali show at a shopping complex here in my own city . Having created a slew of pendants earrings and just barely a cuff for my wristwear collection, by the end of the week I was wondering what was I going to show case in that category! Fortunately for me my muse smiled and this is what came about :) The design part of the cuff fits snugly against the wrist and the beads add just the right touch of colour and festive look to the wrist. The locking mechanism is inspired by a similar style used in ethnic Indian jewellery to secure large Kundan and diamond studded jewellery. For this piece you have to bring together both the pieces as if to form a hinge and then secure the pin through the hollow pipe thus formed. What do you think of this clasp, does it work for this piece ?