Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Had an extremely enjoyable time yesterday at the bead market, found these beautiful shell beads. I do not have the foggiest idea as to when I will be able to put these to use, but must confess couldn't resist !! I felt like a child in a candy store, and the dealer pull out all of his shell beads :D and then some!! 

Found these at a bead shop, but surprise surprise these arnt beads at all !!These are embellisments used on embroidered fabrics , who knew??
Well at the risk of annoying fashion designers, I intend to use these and all the other varieties the seller had to make earrings, bracelets , necklaces you name it :D
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan copper, copper rod, vitreous enamel and pearl cabochon
             I was simply delighted to find this amazing bead shop yesterday !! I had been hunting for these pearl cabochons for months!! None of the local dealers seemed to have any and those that did were charging a bomb! I can finally get work making versions of my rose ring . :)))
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan Stage 1 of repoused copper and enamel jewelry
I have always loved repousing metal and with this design I got a chance to put two of my favorite things together, repouse and enameling !!
 This is stage 1 of of the piece and am quite happy with the way the design has translated onto the metal.
© 2010 Nayna Shriyan Copper, vitreous enamel

Step Two : Enameled version !! something about enameling that brings life to everything it touches! This piece while beautiful on its own now seems to have got a unique personality thanks to the enamel colours. Hope to finish stringing it so it can finally be worn!
I had always wanted to combine some brass pieces with my enameled pieces, and while enameling on brass is something  I am yet to try, I decided to put my soldering skill to good use!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Decided to go a  tribal!!
 I have always been fascinated by tribal jewelry, and I am always trying out ways to use tribal elements in my work. Don't know if any tribal would ever enameled jewelry but hey I would !! :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

          Even though I had never actually thought of naming my jewelry line The White leaf, this was the piece that I created while demonstrating enameling for my first television interview. I have always been inspired by nature, and forms such as leaves, flowers and even gentle flowing, natural lines.
Different leaves and their forms, are always and inspiring factor for me, I am especially attracted to the 'Pipal' leaf, to me this leaf, with the perfect symmetrical shape, gentle ribs is very graceful in form. Instead of having the leaf in green, I decided to have the background in green, so that only this beautiful shape was highlighted, thus, 'The white leaf'. I felt having a beautiful pipal leaf, as my 'mascot' would be perfect to compliment my work!
         This is my very first piece, will soon be adding all of my creations here!