Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captured-Rose quartz

Rose quartz, Amethyst drops , copper
©2011 Nayna Studios
I had bought these three rose quartz cabochons a few months ago and try as I might I could not come up with any  interesting design to use these. Then a few days back as I kept wondering how to 'capture' these, I figured out exactly how to do that, I decided to create copper wire 'captures for them. Since there were three identical ones, a pendant set with matched earrings seemed like the best approach. Although not conventional in design I think I managed to have a little bit of old world influence in them, what do you think? I am continuing this series as I have quite a treasure trove of cabochons that I managed to hunt out from my bead guy :) In face the next one is a surprise, will be finishing it soon so stay tuned!
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Friday, July 15, 2011

Announcing Nayna Studios official website!!!

        I have been silent on this front for a long time now and would like to apologize, there is a good reason  though!! Nayna Studios is now officially in the cyberspace!! Yes there is now officially a website for Naynastudios-jewellery 

      Ever since the first article appeared in the daily Mid-Day there have been a lot of queries about where folks can look at more designs and I have been working on a website for this.
While I will continue to write here and with even more regularity been guilty of doing a disappearing act :( but can I be blamed, making jewellery is soooo much fun  :)  and posting all the happenings in the studio. The website is the place to look at a gallery of my work and also for those interested in picking up pieces you will be able to get pricing and other details there .
     Also the blog has a new look now, that matches with the website colours, what do you think too sober? I did want the colours of my pieces to stand out though, hope this helps!!
Will be posting soon about the latest goings on, stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spring Flowers

Shower flowers
Look at what the rains bought to my studio a profusion of pink and gold enameled flowers! I had long wanted to create a linked enameled necklace and had cut out these flowers months ago, but a lot of other stuff just kept getting in the way, so the other day I finally managed to enamel these. Here they are just as they are about to go into the furnace.
And all done, with the spirals linking them, and brass and copper chain maille links!!!