Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a chain of thought!!

Chain maille bracelet 10 inches , Copper and brass wire, red glass beads 
I recently started working on my jewellery again and promptly fell in love with this amazing technique.-Chainmaille!!
  I love chainmaille for two reasons,
  1. It looks really complicated ( so makes you look like you know what you are doing !! ) 
  2. And it looks Stunning !!
Having recently acquired a jump ring making machine, it was just so much fun and easy . I used 14 gauge copper  for the larger rings that form the main portion of the design and 20 gauge copper and brass rings for the smaller pieces. The only reason I thought of adding the red beads on the side was because I wanted to show off the extra rings on the side! :)
The bracelet is slightly on the larger side, but it does have extra rings so it is adjustable, and because of its length it can also be worn as an anklet.