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News from Nayna Studios

Touched by a lentil

They say inspiration can strike when you least expect it , well how about being inspired by a mundane object as a lentil from  your kitchen, yes you read that right your humble old Masoor daal ! The focal point of  this necklace is a lentil bead inspired by your good old healthy Masoor daal (lentil). A pearl cabochon accent adds a special touch and the shell beads complete the necklace.

Copper Tales

 Whether  you love your lentils or you must know that most lentils have one colour originally as they come off the plant and change it when polished (In case of the Masoor its brown and then becomes a lovely peach!) . Copper does the same as well only in reverse it’s a lovely warm reddish colour when its all clean and gleaming and then slowly turns a rather dull brown. Don’t get me wrong I love antiques and the rich colours they get when they age but naturally aged copper tends to look dull and well jewellery simply has to be about a little bit of gloss and glamour don’t you think? Well to get that lovely look you see here I age my jewellery and protect with a clear coat for that gloss and for making sure that you can continue to enjoy my work for a long time.

Tip of the  Month

If you have a lot of copper and brass decorative objects or perhaps puja articles that  you love to keep gleaming, here’s a quick tip to help you clean them in a jiffy. The next time you soak tamarind in water to clean them add a tablespoon of salt to the solution , your copper and brass will be gleaming in minutes!
P.S. Don’t forget to dry your pieces ASAP as this eliminates the marks that water drops leave especially in our Mumbai climate!

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