Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Enameled button ring & pendant sets

Buton seires enameled ring & pendant set,
Copper, vitreous enamel
©2012 Nayna Studios™


I have been working on this new series inspired by buttons! yes I know buttons but not your ordinary run of the mill buttons, but enameled buttons with specially added button hole guards in copper and 'stitched' to the bezel setting with copper wires! What do you think of these ? I am truly looking for opinions here as to what colours & textures you would like to see these in do write in with your ideas and you just might see your idea created in enamel !

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holey Cuffs

Textured cuff, copper, brass & terracotta beads
© 2012 Nayna Studios™
Bead& metal cuff, copper, shell & terracotta beads
© 2012 Nayna Studios™
If you are anything like me and hate to waste your jewellery materials, then I think you will appreciate this cuff ! I have a disc cutter that I use to cut out discs of copper and for a long time now I would look at the cut out pieces of scrap copper and wish I could use them somewhere. Well this time I decided I simply had to come up with something and this is what came about a pair of holey cuffs! After having cut out the desired discs in a row, I measured out some extra space around the cut outs and then shaped the metal. After having textured them very lightly  I added a few terracotta and shell beads to one and before I knew it I had a cuff ready ! For the second one I soldered a few extra large sized jump rings left over from a chain maille project and a couple of terracotta beads and wire wrapped all the components together.
Do you do something like this, recycle scrap into jewellery or art, do drop a line with your ideas :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Second chance cuff

Enamel & copper wrapped cuff , Copper & Vitreous enamel
© 2012 Nayna Studios™
 I had made the central piece on this cuff a while back actually as part of a series that I had intended to make as a necklace, but somehow I just wasn't too sold on the final piece and so I dismantled the entire thing. I was looking at these pieces and was wondering how I was ever going to use these as I really like the way the enameling has come out on this. Well just fiddling about this is what came about a wire wrapped cuff! The cuff itself too is something that has received a second life as it was meant to be turned into a knot bracelet that didn't quite turn out the way I wanted! Well here are both the components in a new avatar what do you think does it work? as this is the first time that I have tried out wire wrapping I was not too sure whether a turn on the wire each side is good or should I have given the wire a couple more turns. I still have a few more such pieces been wondering where to use them, do drop a line if you have any suggestions :)
Enamel & copper wrapped cuff , Copper & Vitreous enamel
© 2012 Nayna Studios™

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Flying kites at the studio.

Come Sunday we will be celebrating the festival of Sankranti for those of you not in the know, this is the festival that is considered the first festival of the year for Hindus , Diwali being the most important and also the biggest (no.of days wise) Sankranti is celebrated all over the country. 
There is a glorious tradition of flying kites on this day and while I am not into that activity as such, I though it would be a great idea to create a pair of kite earrings, well three pairs :)

Pink & Purple enameled kite earrings, copper, vitreous enamel
© 2012, Nayna Studios™
Blue enameled kite earrings, copper, vitreous enamel
© 2012, Nayna Studios™
Here they are just before being given the bright colours that are so famous. Indian kites you must know are unlike Chinese kites and do not vary much in shape nor do they have lights put in them, these are simple diagonal square shaped ones made with thin coloured paper which is actually referred to as 'kite' paper in the market and supported with thin flexible wooden sticks.
      Mine have copper wires and of course the colours are vitreous enamel. Perfect for going kite flying what do you think ?:D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twin sets! ( fingers and necks)

Twin sets
Copper, antiqued effect
©2012, Nayna Studios™
In keeping with my fascination of creating a set consisting of an index finger ring and a matched pendant, I am starting a new series which will comprise, enameling on copper as well as some purely metal worked pieces. An unusual combination I think, and would love to hear opinions on this :) This is the first in the series and as yet in progress, lemme know what you think folks :)