Monday, October 31, 2011

Eggy pendants

Eggy pendants, Enamel on copper, shell and glass beads
© 2011 Nayna Studios™
Enameled pendants with bead danglers! Too gypsy do you think? I wanted to do something different with my enamel this time rather than going with any traditional enameling technique as the design element.  With Diwali in mind I used beads and wire spirals to make these enameled eggs come to life :)What do you think will look good ribbons or cords to colour co-ordinate with outfits?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scroll work

Scroll pendants set, copper wire
© 2011Nayna Studios ™
Scroll pendant set, Copper wire
© 2011 Nayna Studios ™
Recently I came across some scroll pendants in a jewellery book and decided to try them out, they just came out so cute that I couldn't resist and ended up creating about six sets! Here are some of them do you think they would look better in silver or perhaps with some beads?
Scroll pendant set, Copper wire
© 2011 Nayna Studios™