About Nayna Studios

          Nayna Studios-jewellery brand was born in 2010, the name being inspired by a piece created for a television demonstration about enameling. Though Nayna has been creating art work with the uniquely contrasting media of metal and enamel for more than eight years since graduating from the Sir J.J. School of Art. Both her training as a metal artist and that of a conventional jewellery designer profoundly influences her designs. In creating designs her foremost thought is about creating miniature works of art; wearable art if you will.
Nayna’s inspiration comes from nature and from deconstructing the natural forms. Exploring metal work to the fullest, she enjoys creating pieces that are more than three dimensional, pieces that can have multiple uses or pieces that could be changed by the wearer thus adding to the aesthetic value of the jewellery. Some of the creations especially the more sculptural pieces are one of a kind and a little
experimental to a certain extent in the techniques used.
Nayna also continues her artistic endeavors through  oil on canvas and enameled metal sculptures.
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