Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blue ladies

A while back I created some blue patina pendants, these were a series of sea creatures, and just because I wanted to add some more magic to the magical creatures I added a Mermaid to the series. That mermaid turned out to be very popular & a friend/ client suggested I work on some women oriented designs.  So I came up with some pendants in blue patina with enamel accents.

Some of these ladies have accents in enamel, but the newest ones are without adornments.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Clearing the bead stash

      Being a jewellery artist comes with a lot of fun jobs some of which include coming up with fun & creative designs, experimenting with techniques, working with gorgeous stones & colourful beads. Of course that means going to some amazing bead & gems dealers to buy them. The flip side? Ending up with way too many beads & gems that not only take up space but also end up tying up finances. So what is the antidote, make jewellery that uses up the beads of course ;)

Till date I have worked on about seven necklaces! Yup am preening a little :D

Here is the first of them 
Papyrus Necklace with lapis
© 2015 Nayna Studios™
Copper, brass, beads and Lapis Lazuli
 This particular necklace has an Egyptian influence to it , Not only did I get a chance to use some pretty barrel shaped beads in moss green but also a drop shaped Lapis Lazuli as the focal point of the papyrus flower shaped pendant. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Something new for Valentine's day

These past few days I had been thinking of what I could do to create some special jewellery for Valentine's day. I thought of making some heart pendants and earrings, but I also wanted to create something special, something that would personalise the jewellery for the wearer. So I came up with this idea  of incorporating a container pendant in either a bracelet or a necklace that could be used to add a secret message by the wearer. 

These are the container tubes that I have created . Right now they have been cleaned and will be going into the tumbler tomorrow along with some heart pendants. hey it is Valentine's Day so some heart themed jewellery is called for : D