Sunday, January 25, 2015

Clearing the bead stash

      Being a jewellery artist comes with a lot of fun jobs some of which include coming up with fun & creative designs, experimenting with techniques, working with gorgeous stones & colourful beads. Of course that means going to some amazing bead & gems dealers to buy them. The flip side? Ending up with way too many beads & gems that not only take up space but also end up tying up finances. So what is the antidote, make jewellery that uses up the beads of course ;)

Till date I have worked on about seven necklaces! Yup am preening a little :D

Here is the first of them 
Papyrus Necklace with lapis
© 2015 Nayna Studios™
Copper, brass, beads and Lapis Lazuli
 This particular necklace has an Egyptian influence to it , Not only did I get a chance to use some pretty barrel shaped beads in moss green but also a drop shaped Lapis Lazuli as the focal point of the papyrus flower shaped pendant.