Friday, July 15, 2011

Announcing Nayna Studios official website!!!

        I have been silent on this front for a long time now and would like to apologize, there is a good reason  though!! Nayna Studios is now officially in the cyberspace!! Yes there is now officially a website for Naynastudios-jewellery 

      Ever since the first article appeared in the daily Mid-Day there have been a lot of queries about where folks can look at more designs and I have been working on a website for this.
While I will continue to write here and with even more regularity been guilty of doing a disappearing act :( but can I be blamed, making jewellery is soooo much fun  :)  and posting all the happenings in the studio. The website is the place to look at a gallery of my work and also for those interested in picking up pieces you will be able to get pricing and other details there .
     Also the blog has a new look now, that matches with the website colours, what do you think too sober? I did want the colours of my pieces to stand out though, hope this helps!!
Will be posting soon about the latest goings on, stay tuned!!