Monday, September 12, 2011

Dimpled Bracelet with blue patina

Dimpled Bracelet with blue and brown patina
© 2011 Nayna Studios™
       Blue is the colour of the season for now in my studio, as the bracelet that I had cooking in a patina recipe turned out gloriously blue!! Well actually a deep red brown with a top layer of blue :D  For those of you who do not practice patina regularly let me tell you that it is as much a science as an art form, if any of the required conditions, temperature, humidity, chemical concentration, metal composition .. ( you know all the metal working  mumbo jumbo )goes wrong and you have something completely unexpected! But then again that is the beauty of patina , you never know what you are going to get and you just might stumble upon some elusive shade that is simply glorious :) As I took the piece out of the patina box (had it locked in with the chemicals inside a plastic air tight box for four days ) it looked initially to have a dark blue tone but after the first washing and drying it over night this is the colour it has matured to.
Dimpled Bracelet without patina
©2011 Nayna Studios™
I made this piece as a play on the pea pod. I have always been fascinated by the form of the pea-pod, the slightly curving pod halves exposing the cute round peas to me is just such a beautiful design. Instead of rounded elements, I have used circular elements curving inwards and all the people that have seen this piece seem to have the opinion that I should add some embellishment inside the circular element that forms the main design, what do  you think a few round pearls or beads would do the trick?
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