Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nest Egg

Nest Egg, Copper wire Cloisonne Enamel
© 2011 Nayna Studios™

About this time last year I had taken to working on enameled medallions, randomly cut rounds of  copper that I had enameled without thinking of the setting or design aspect of how I was going to incorporate them into jewellery ( my setting skills being non existent at the time :) Recently going through my box of unfinished projects ( I actually have an ice- cream tin for all such projects! ) I found these medallions, four in total and decided to give setting them a try. All you regular readers will know how fond I am of copper wire, so I just decided to create a capture for these medallions with balled up wires. Its a dual bail with space for two jump rings, hopefully I will find the right chains for my Nest Egg !!