Friday, September 23, 2011

First ever earrings with posts by me !!

          Over this last weekend, I had the first ever home show for my jewellery at the home of an old friend. While I managed to make substantial sales, one of my clients completely threw me off by asking if I could make a matched set of earrings, for her . Now I know that you must be wondering, what in heavens name is so difficult about a matched set of earrings, well nothing except she is a woman in her sixties and wanted earrings with posts rather than ear wires! Well that stumped me momentarily as I have never been able to create earrings with posts prior to this, I have tried of course but could never manage to figure out the right gauge of metal or the particular shape suited for the locking mechanism. Not wanting to disappoint the client ( who also happens to be my friends mother and a a very sweet lady ) I promised her to make the matched pair mentally noting to buy a pair of locks and oxidize them to match the finish of the earrings, if I could not create them ( hey anything to please the client right  :P ) but fortunately enough the jewellery gods smiled at me and yesterday for the first time ever I was able to create the proper locking mechanism on my own with 24 ga. copper !! Now I know you must think well so what jewellery artists do this the world over, everyday probably but to me it was quite the achievement and wanted to share it with you so here they are.
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