Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The tree of hearts

While I have never attempted to try creating heart jewellery, this time I wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately I had a few design orders that required me to truly stretch my brain cells, and so  I could not complete the heart designs in time for Valentines Day :( But hey I figured ‘Love’ does not need a special day , does it? Love can be expressed any day at any moment, so here is my expression of love :)
Go ahead and drop a line if you want to buy any of these. I will be updating the shop section soon with these designs but meanwhile do show some love :)
The tree of hearts
©2014 Nayna Studios™
Copper and Brass
The first in this series is ‘The tree of hearts’ earrings, The base of the copper wire tree is a single plump heart ( I do love plump hearts even if they aren't red! ) and the tree is topped by a tiny heart, almost like a fruit. Cutting out the tiny hearts was a bit of a work, but then they looked so cute and perfect I actually added them to a few more designs.  These earrings are meant for pierced ears and are just 2.5 inches long.