Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Designer's block and two for one

Hammered discs
How often does it happen, you are trying to come up with ideas and get hit with a designer’s block barely coming up with one design and then you grudging start work and hey presto you are hit with ideas galore! Well something similar happened with me, I was travelling for two weeks and then what with unpacking and preparing for Diwali , I could my creative juices just stop flowing. So last weekend when I finally got this idea for a pair of earrings, I took up my hammer and figured something better than nothing and while I was texturing these discs it occurred to me why not fold form the larger discs? This is what came of it;
Fold formed discs
Fold formed discs
Naturally the next thought was ‘I can’t put these in the same design!! ‘ so naturally I ended up with two pairs of new earrings :D
lilly pad earrings
The earrings with the fold formed discs and blue patina with a brass component
Textured discs with blue patina and riveting
Now that is what I call a Diwali bonus :) two for the price of one