Friday, February 21, 2014

A hearty twist on a traditional design.

Heart series 2
©2014 Nayna Studios™
      One more in the heart series, this time I wanted to go ahead and create something completely out of my usual pattern of either ear wire or stud earrings. So this time I decided to do a take on traditional stud earrings, that come with attached gold anchors. My mother used to have these seven stoned studded traditional earrings with a thin gold chain that went all the way from the front of the ear to the back, and was then secured along with the stud with a little butterfly catch. 
          With that in mind I created these extra long earrings, that actually do have a butterfly catch at the back, and to balance the length of the earrings , I gave them copper chains at the back. These chains in addition to holding the earrings in place also give them a very elegant look. Perfect for an evening out and also perfect for formal parties, :D