Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miracle in a jar.

         Artists are regular folks too, and while designing and creating art (in this case jewelry ) is loads of fun, it does a lot of good to get 'away' from in some time. So what do I do to get away you ask ? I escape to a workshop of course !! Not in jewelry making but  terrarium making ! Now whats a terrarium you ask, well its a little piece of paradise in a bottle! The idea is to create an ecosystem inside an enclosed environment in such a way that it is sustainable  Once the plants  have settled in you do not open the container or interfere in any way. 

                    I joined up for a four hour course and was given a small fish bowl (oh yes you can create these in bottles, jars and any container that you can put fish into isn't that nice :) three beautiful  plants including a fern, a Fitonia and a Syngonium (see I get to brag about learning plant names here !!! )  After a very detailed lecture on how the ecosystem of the terrarium actually works ( which is best left to the experts and I am not one, so am sure to muddle it up :) we very gently placed some stone chips followed by some charcoal chunks ( helps in curbing fungus growth) , soil and finally the plants. After a light misting of water we sealed off the bowl with some cling film. 
                    Now you might wonder what of air for the plant and what of water, and how cruel is this but let me assure you the plants have enough of both,  you see the plants recycle the water that they loose through their leaves, as it remains in the sealed environment and so too the air. The oxygen that they release during the day is reused at night and vice-versa with the carbon dioxide, brilliant isn't it !!! 
                   So much like an artist and their connoisseurs, readers like you and fans on Facebook, all of you give inspiration that helps create art which in turn  hopefully brightens  your days, and your happy reactions give more inspiration, a miraculous cycle isn't it :)
We are at the beginning of the festival of Diwali at this time and I would like to wish you a very 'HAPPY DIWALI, May the Goddess bring joy, peace and prosperity to all of you :) 
Thanks for being here with me !!