Thursday, July 26, 2012

Granulation- pack rat style!

Lately having seen a lot of fold forming work by a metal artists around the world, I too am thinking of experimenting with the technique and here are my baby steps !
Pod cuff with folded pod
Oxidized copper
©2012 Nayna Studios™

 I created this cuff with just the central element the 'pod' with some folding on its sides. I managed to click some pictures ( sorry about the quality of the pics, they were clicked on my mobile phone) Below is a step by step account of my favourite technique 'granulation'
Those cute little granules of copper that you see here within the pod.
When it comes to my copper scrap I am a pack rat! I keep every tiny piece of scrap and filing that I can collect and use these to create the granueles
The way I create these granules is that I  take an approriate quantity of copper scrap and flux it , followed by a very quick heating with my trusty soldering gun.
Well here goes !

Applying flux to the scrap of copper prior to balling

Heating the scrap till it glows a red orange and finally balls up
( note my pile of scrap!! :D)

Placing the granules on the pod shape prior to soldering them

Unfortunately could not photograph the pod being folded but hope you enjoyed the little peak into my studio!