Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blue Nile necklace

Blue Nile necklace
Blue agate, Oxidized copper
©2012 Nayna Studios™
Have you seen a kid in a candy store with those wide eyes and dazed look? Well that is exactly what happens to me every time I go into  my favourite bead shop :) The last time I was there I managed to get a bag full of agates in various sizes and shapes ( did I mention that dazed look ?  I never take the time to figure out what exactly I am going to be creating with the particular stone, so I pretty much have had this blue agate with me for more than six months. Of course storing beads and stones is not a problem as that simply gives me a chance to buy  more bead storage boxes! 
But that is a story for another day. Recently as I was rumaging through my stone collection I came upon this piece and inspiration struck! A lovely blue agate with some black matrix( viens) running through it.
A close up of the chain maille

A close up of the bezel set blue agate and repousse pendant.
For the longest time I had been wanting to use some chain maille on a necklace and I finally got a chance to do that ! The pendant itself is repousse` with some texturing and the chain maille in byzantine chain maille.