Friday, December 23, 2011

Rudoph pendant set

Two days ago, I opened my email account and saw a very fun and inspiring post by Alyson Stanfield about the story of Rudolph but what truly caught my eye was the beautiful image she had used it had been a sketch of Rudolph by Katherine Tyrrell . I commented on twitter and she replied back and so on and it suddenly hit me what would Rudolph look like in enamel? So here he is folks, Rudolph in cloissone enamel on copper. In this photograph I have just finished laying the wires down on copper with a base coat of flux prior to its trip in the furnace.  

Here he is with a his colours all wet-packed (placed on the piece with the help of a brush) on and waiting for the temperature in the furnace to be just around a cozy 750 degress C :D 
I gave him a more natural brown and I think maybe his nose could have been bigger but guess he can show Santa the way just fine with this one :) Here he is with a matched set of holly earrings just for that extra Christmas feel !

Rudolph pendant with holly earrings, Vitreous enamel on copper
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