Thursday, August 11, 2011

Captured-Glass cabochons

Glass cabachons, copper, copper wire
© 2011 Nayna Studios™

             One trip to my gem dealer and I end up with so many stones beads and unknowns ( some of the stones and beads I am not entirely sure of yet :D. ) This time I ended up picking up what clearly appears to be glass but it so beautifully cut that I could not resist!  Just one problem with the pieces, they had been drilled right through :( .
       As I had wanted to make pendants and not just link them through, I thought of creating wire and metal bezels around them, but as it turned out they are transparent and I wanted to use this as part of the design.
            So I ended up texturing some bases and using wire in one, I am especially proud of the copper roses on the oval one, what do you think too much or maybe needed something more? 
I let the trapezoid have an open back so that one really gets a bi-colour look , should I have let one of them have a complete open back? Any thoughts??