Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pearly aspirations

Copper sheet and copper wire pendant
© 2011 Nayna Shriyan

Recently an uncle and aunt of mine went to Singapore on a vacation and came back with two strings of what is known here as 'rice' pearls. These pearls are essentially longish like grains of rice but also slightly rounded off in the middle, and one string of very beautiful black round pearls (cultured I think) and asked me to create a piece for her and one for me :D !!
Well for my aunt I created this piece, in keeping with my personal style of jewelery making and also the fact that the piece needed to be a little sober for my aunt's style. There will be a string of pearls above the pendant on either side and four smaller strings that will dangle from below the piece. What do you think, too much metal and not enough pearls or does it help in bringing out the beauty of the pearls. Hope to finish the piece by tomorrow. :)
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