Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lentil bead earrings

Lentil bead earrings , copper
©2011 Nayna Shriyan

I made two interesting discoveries lately, 1) I could actually solder better than I thought and my amazing rolling mill let me create textures with practically anything!! What better way to demonstrate both these facts than these sweet earrings! The lentils in these earrings the main feature actually took a bit of time to create, cutting out the discs, texturing them ( with a texturing hammer), doming them and cutting out the central rounds, (Whew!) But the fun part was soldering them by placing them vertically tied up with some iron binding wire. While that was a snap, it made me realize that once I had used these wires, mostly they could not be reused, they seemed to melt at points where I lingered with my torch. So I crumbled up a few wires and rolled them along with some copper pieces and voila! I had a really nice line texture. Made up ear wires and thin chains and a really cute pair of earrings !! What do you think should I use the lentil in more of my work, I am quite fascinated by them. :)