Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Beginnings

Come New Year and everywhere I turn there are talks of New Year's resolutions what with every person you bump into asking " So what's your resolution this  year?"  well I hate that question it sort of reminds me of my dad putting me in a corner by asking 'so how much time do you think it will take for you to finish your homework :(  So instead I figured I will come up with a new habit for myself ( habits are hard to kill ever tried to kill a bad one?) plus I figured if I can stick with one long enough I can add more to it sort of a snowball effect :)

So what is my new habit you ask? Getting my butt off my jeweler's bench and nope not into my computer chair but out for a walk ! Well I did it today and was rewarded by some seriously yummy crisp air two Labradors out for a walk one brown and one black and one simply gorgeous Golden retriever with luxurious fur ! Not to mention two cute little babies one in a stroller all bundled up and one with squeaky shoes :)

While I can't actually click images ( don't carry my phone or camera while on my walks I find them too distracting ) here is an image of another sweet habit that I have gotten into what you ask? more jewelry of course :D 
Air chased copper cuff in the works in my bench vise

Air chased copper cuff
©2013 Nayna Studios™
Here is what I have been up to recently. I followed instructions by Wendy Edsall-Kerwin in the Art Jewelry Magazine November'12 issue  . Its an amazing publication if you like love to learn new techniques . Anyhoo more on that in another post :) Happy New year too all my readers and do drop a line as to what your new habits are :)
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