Friday, January 11, 2013

Movie mania !

       I often have people ask me what I do for a living and the minute I explain that I am a metal artist who also loves to paint I get a response "Oh Wow So Exciting !! you're an artist!!" Well I hate to burst their bubble and tell them that while I am lucky enough to be doing what I love for a living it still is a lot of hard work! From coming up with new designs (I actually love that the most) to working out techniques to taking great images of my work and coming up with content for blogs, newsletters Facebook fan pages, Networking, organizing the umpteen details of an exhibition to .... well you get the picture :) So while it is fun in some parts in others its just plain old work.
Recent exhibition featuring my work 
            Today I got to see the other side and by that I mean the hard work side of another glamorous and exciting profession - Movies, motion pictures, films call it what you will its what really excites most of us. Me I get completely gobsmacked when I see animation films and special effects. The sheer brilliance always has me staring open mouthed at the screen. Well today I had the most amazing experience of getting a behind the scenes glimpse of things. A friend of mine is a film maker and is working on her very first independent film Its a children's film and while I am not allowed to give out any more details I can say this : A brilliant piece of work and I will be sharing details once it releases :) ( sneaky huh? ) Well anyways its been shot in a remote village and it has some scenes involving village women talking, laughing and such and my friend wanted me and a few of her friends to pitch in with these'extra' voices. Some of us jumped at the idea and yours truly was a bit skeptical about being able to help. So what was required you ask? well we were to dub the voices of the women in the background, village women to be specific . In certain scenes it was women talking or laughing or giggling ( oh  yes it gets very specific) women fighting at the water tap!
           Thing is it just looks so easy but when you get down to it I realized there is so much attention to detail in voice pitch, volume, language, tone ....  I mean have you ever fought at a water tap? I certainly hadn't and getting the correct tone of indignation at another woman shoving her water pot under the tap was impossible for me to get! What completely amazed me was the sheer amount f patience these people have,there was a guy who was actually directing all the dubbing and he analyzed every hmm , haw , laugh, giggle word or tone that went out and each time it was recorded with every little change and then this guy, the recording artist and my friend get together at a later date and design the sounds ! Whew now I know why a film costs as much as it does and takes as much time .
All in all though it was an amazing experience and sure am glad I went :) So what new and fun experience have you had recently?