Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What is your favourite piece of jewelry??

My mom's shell set

Everybody has a favorite piece of jewelry from their childhood days, mine was this gorgeous set consisting of a necklace, a pair of earrings, finger ring and a very stunning pendant with a swan carved into it. This set was completely made in shell, with small red stones in the center of each panel. The stones are probably faux rubies I am not sure but I was not concerned by that ( guess I still am not !) I think the piece intrigued me so much because my mother never really wore it and each time I asked her about it I got a' I,m keeping that for you ' liner! Maybe she didn't like it well, I loved it still do, over time I have added a hair clip with similar carving.
The hair clip in shell, the two holes on
either side are for the stick.
Another of a favorite piece is a very delicate filigreed Silver hair pin that my grandmother gave, when I was just 6 its a rose with each petal crammed with spiderweb like thin silver wires. Filligree is no longer in trend nor is it favored by many due to the nature of its manufacture. Ideally small children are used for their nimble fingers and sharp eyes.
My Grand mom's silver filigree rose Isn't it gorgeous!!!

I am waiting for the day when one of my creations becomes a favorite with one of my client's :)
So what is your favorite piece??