Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Of Dragons and Butterflies in the Night !

 Weekdays are usually not my idea of fun days but this one so far has rocked! My Father for those not in the know is 65 years 'young' and loves to experiment especially with food. He came home yesterday with this strange looking fruit and announced that apparently his 'Fruit guy' ( we have fruit guys and vegetable guys :) had assured him that this was a very sweet and delicious and he called it I kid you not 'Drangon' fruit :D
Fruit guy aside turns out this is a Dragon Fruit, and while it was sweet, like a Kiwi ( which  it apparently is related to) it didn't quite have a flavor that I liked, a bit bland actually. I did find this great idea to use a Dragon fruit in future though.
Let me introduce you to our latest stopover guest, this cute little fellow flew in Monday evening around tea time and stayed through Tuesday afternoon. Guess he was looking for a place to rest his wings !

Night Sky
Black Onyx, Copper and Brass
©2012 Nayna Studios™
The most fun I had was yesterday evening as I packed this stunning piece to send it on its way to its home :) For those of you who don't know, I write a monthly e-zine that features some of my more exclusive pieces like this one and tips, stories etc exclusively for my subscribers. So if  you would like to get first dibs on new pieces do sign up here :)
So this was my half- week how was yours?