Monday, April 23, 2012

Nesting in the studio

Birds nest
Copper, baroque pearls
© 2012 Nayna Studios™
Today I was back in the studio after a good long break, well not exactly a break but a break from making jewellery as I had been busy working on a metal working order, something that I had expected would take a couple of weeks actually turned out to be a six weeks job! 
So naturally, I  had to do something completely crazy and fun to get me back in the 'jewellery making mood' :) I was rummaging through my little bowl of odds and ends of wires and had this wild idea to just solder everything together !
I just piled the entire stash onto my firing brick and just randomly arranged the outer shape into a soft square and let my soldering torch go wild. Initially I had thought of melting and fusing the pieces together but then I realized a lot of the thin wires were just melting away creating small gaps, so I placed a few remaining lumps of hard solder and let it all fuse together.
A few of the smaller pieces fell away as I picked up the cooled mass but this beautiful piece was what I had left behind. 
A few baroque pearls fit just snugly creating the 'eggs' in the bird nest ! What do you think should I add a few feathers for special effects? Would you wear this nest as a pendant? Lemme know what you think ?