Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Prep for a show

            For the past few days now I had been preparing for a jewellery show well not exactly a show per-se but an exhibition that I have organized at a nearby suburb on the occasion of our Independence day . This is not my first show but it is the first  time that I am flying solo :) I always imagined getting ready for a show meant creating lots of new pieces, getting my cords and packaging in place and I was done, well turns out there is a lot more and I am not even scratching the surface.
Here is my list of 'Stuff'

Looks like a lot but I wish I had more inventory !
  • Flyers
  • Banner
  • Display stands and mannequins
  • Getting my cell phone battery changed! (imagine going through a whole show day with no cell phone connectivity!)
  • Visiting cards ( those flew of the shelfs like they were on sale !) 
  • Packaging materials (bags, boxes and tags )
  • Drape cloth to cover the table
  • Mirror ( for people to check themselves with my jewellery on )
  • Printed version of my newsletter
  • Guest book
  • Pens ! ( at least three)
  • Water ( I get very thirsty smiling and saying 'hello' :)
  • Receipt books
  • Pins, staples, glue and scotch tape 
  • Also sandwiches, fruits and I really wish I had taken some tea along there was none at the venue!

My Blue Nile necklace on a brand new neck mannequin 

You can see my visiting cards here to the right 
Check out my ring stand , single earring stand and neck mannequin in this picture. (you can also see my packing bags and receipt book here should have hidden those better :)

Well I had a really fun show and thanks to all the folks at the NRI complex Seawoods estate for their support and big Shout out to my friend Sharmila Sankar for her support and for her original idea that I have my show there :) Thanks Sharmila !